L+R disinfect: top quality from the system provider of forward-thinking medical and hygiene products

Compact and tailored to the nursing and treatment processes in the healthcare setting – that’s the range of hand disinfectants and ready-to-use surface disinfectants.

The task? Specifically reduce the risks of transmission in the patients’ environment. Our solution? A range of products for hand and surface disinfection that are of superior quality, convenient to use and particularly easy to access. As a matter of course, all our products have been certified by the German Association for Applied Hygiene (VAH).

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Hand hygiene

L+R handdisinfect: with limited spectrum of virucidal activity / virucidal activity within 30 seconds

L+R handdisinfect blue is based on propan-1-ol and propan-2-ol, contains a skincare complex that has been tried and tested for decades, and – in line with KRINKO recommendations – is free of fragrances, colourants, and remanent active ingredients.

Within 30 seconds, it is active not only against bacteria, yeasts,mycobacteria and enveloped viruses, but also against rotavirusesadenoviruses, and noroviruses (MNV) and possesses limited spectrum of virucidal activity according to EN 14476.

The ethanol-based hand disinfectant — L+R handdisinfect green – is virucidal according to EN 14476 within 30 seconds. Also featuring the proven skincare complex to ensure very good skin tolerability, it is a highly effective product both for daily routine disinfection and in the event of outbreaks.

Produced according to GMP standards: micro filtered and free from spores

L+R handdisinfect products are registered with the Federal Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (BAuA) as biocidal products according to the Biocidal Products Regulation. As a responsible manufacturer, L&R produces its hand disinfectants according to Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) and thus ensures that its hand disinfectants meet the known high standards.
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Surface disinfection

L+R surfacedisinfect: ready-to-use surface disinfection for more safety and less effort
L+R surfacedisinfect saves time, conserves resources, and is safe and convenient to use. With ready-to-use disinfectants, neither dosing errors nor the formation of biofilm (due to poor dispenser reprocessing) stand a chance.

And the major plus: practical efficacy testing according to EN 16615 (4-field test) was carried out with the first wipes of each type of packaging, thus guaranteeing full efficacy and area output from the very first wipe.

L+R surfacedisinfectalcohol: fast and broad efficacy. The L+R surfacedisinfect alcohol products impress by achieving the limited spectrum of virucidal activity within one minute. They are suitable for alcohol-resistant surfaces and medical devices and dry without leaving any residue. There are different wipe sizes available in the can, the flowpack or an innovative maxi version. And a 1000-ml bottle with solution completes the portfolio.

L+R surfacedisinfect universal: broad material compatibility for sensitive surfaces — also in areas with particular risk of infection.
Thanks to the alcohol-free formulation, L+R surfacedisinfect universal can be used on a wide range of materials. Additionally, as the single-use products eliminate the need for reprocessing, they can also be used in areas with particular risk of infection.

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