Alcohol-based hand disinfectant

Liquid product – based on alcohols and nurturing substances – for the disinfection of hands , especially in the healthcare sector. Alcohols used as active ingredient are ethanol , propan-1-ol and propan-2-ol .

Alcohol-based hand disinfectants denature the proteins of microorganisms , damaging the membrane integrity and allowing them to penetrate the cell where they then destroy the cell’s internal structure. Thanks to this non-specific mode of action completely stopping the metabolism of the damaged cell they do not contribute to the development of resistance in bacteria. Alcohols have a fast and good efficacy against bacteria , (yeast ) fungi and, depending on the type and concentration of the alcohol used, against enveloped and nonenveloped viruses . The required exposure time depends on the type of alcohol and its concentration.

Alcohol-based hand disinfectants are generally very well tolerated by the skin because during the disinfection process, the skin’s own lipids are only dissolved and redistributed. And, at the same time, the disinfectants’ skincare additives reach the skin.

In order not to impair their good skin compatibility , current guidelines recommend alcohol-based hand disinfectants that contain no perfume, colourants, or remanent active ingredients.

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