On our Facebook pages we aim to inform you regularly about L&R Prevent and Protect and the topics that are of concern to you and to us. But even more important to us is conducting a dialogue with you. So that our dialogue is conducted in a way that is fair, tolerant, courteous and in line with the fundamental ethical rules of interpersonal communication, please keep to the following guidelines that govern communication on our Facebook pages. We shall respect these guidelines and kindly ask you to follow them as well.

Basic Principles

  1. All users are responsible for the posts they publish.
  2. We welcome posts that fall into the category of LIKES (see below).
  3. We reserve the right to delete posts that fall into the category DISLIKE (see below).
  4. Leaving automated computer-generated comments is forbidden.
  5. We communicate in German and English on the L&R Prevent and Protect Facebook pages and reserve the right to delete comments in other languages.

Likes: What we want

  1. Posts that are convincing, interesting, open-minded, friendly and respectful
  2. Tolerance, sincerity and truth
  3. Constructive criticism
  4. Factual discussion
  5. Industry-specific topics

Dislike: What we don’t want

  1. Abusive criticism, insults and abusive language
  2. Content that compromises the safety of our users
  3. Unethical content (offensive, pornographic, extreme right-wing, racist, discriminatory, sexist, satanic and/or vulgar content and content that glorifies violence, is libellous or harmful to minors)
  4. SPAM
  5. Violations of German law e.g. of copyright and personal rights
  6. Encouragement that promotes acting in a way that is irresponsible, harmful to health, illegal or ethically questionable
  7. Leaving automated computer-generated comments
  8. Posts that are not conducive to factual discussion or are unrelated to the other posts (all types of trolling)
  9. Contributions and discussions about internal company matters


Comments that are not in English or German may be deleted.


  1. The hip team will answer your questions as quickly as possible. If you write to us in the evening or at the weekend, we shall deal with your requests on the following working day.

  2. Please make sure that your Facebook settings are set so that we are able to respond to you or give you further help.

Protect yourself

Please remember that the dialogue on this Facebook page is public. For your own protection, therefore, we ask you not to post personal information on our Facebook timeline.

When we become aware of posts that contain personal information, we reserve the right to delete them for your own protection. If you have questions that do not need to be made public, you can also reach our Social Media Team at the following email address:

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