SSI update – Preoperative risk factors and possibilities for prevention

At a glance:

  • in 2016, nearly 59 million operations and medical procedures were conducted in German hospitals1
  • according to a representative analysis2, surgical site infections (SSI) accounted for 22.4 % of nosocomial
    infections, exceeded only by lower respiratory infections

Considerable attention should be given to the prevention of SSI, as they can be associated with a two- to elevenfold increase in a patient’s mortality rate. With the appropriate pre-, intra- and postoperative measures, however, up to 60 % of all SSI can be prevented.3 There are numerous pre-existing factors that can be addressed and influenced before planned procedures, such as anaemia, malnutrition, high alcohol consumption, immuno-suppression or even pre-existing infections. Diabetes mellitus, obesity and nicotine abuse are among the most common factors for which there are numerous, conclusive studies on the potential risks and potential for prevention.4

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