surgical gloves

Surgical gloves are sterile, packed in pairs and have an anatomical fit. They are available in finely graded sizes (5.5–9.0) to ensure optimal fit. The main purpose of surgical gloves is to act as a protective barrier to prevent possible transmission of microorganisms from healthcare professionals to patients during surgical procedures.
Surgical gloves are classified as medical devices and are therefore subject to high quality requirements. Prior to donning surgical gloves, surgical hand disinfection is performed to eliminate transient skin flora and to reduce resident skin flora as much as possible for the duration of the operation. Hands should be dry before putting on surgical gloves, as this reduces both the rate of perforation and the risk of skin irritation. “Double gloving” with a different coloured glove pulled over an indicator glove acts as an additional protection against unnoticed material injuries caused by sharp objects during a surgical procedure.
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